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“កុំ​ស្មាន​បង​ភ្លេច” ខ្មែរ​បាត់​បង់​តន្រ្តី​រ៉ក់

ដោយ​ ស្តាយ បុណ្យ “… ស្តាយភូមិ​កំណើ​ត​ ស្តាយ​អនុស្សា​ ស្តាយ​ញាតិកា​ ធ្លាប់​រស់សុខ​សាន្ត ស្តាយ​ដូរតន្រ្តីដ៏សែន​មនោរម្យ ខ្លួនខ្ញុំ​ឃ្លាតឆ្ងាយ​ ឆ្ងាយ​ដាច់​អាល័យ។ ស្តាយ​អ្នក​ចម្រៀង​ដែល​បង់​បាត់ ស៊ីន ស៊ី​សាមុត រស់ សេរី​សុទ្ធា ប៉ែន រ៉ន សុះ ម៉ាត់ អ៊ិន យ៉េង អ៊ឹង​ ណារី ក្លាយជាធុលីលា​ចាក​លោកា…” ខាង​លើ​នេះ គឺជាទំនុក​ច្រៀង​ ក្នុងបទចម្រៀង “ស្តាយ​ភូមិកំណើត” របស់លោក កែវ សារ៉ាត់។

Culture meets Creativity with Flying Orb Productions

By James Ostis It started with book covers. Around 2005, Lowell photographer Jim Higgins needed models to appear in cover images he was shooting for various publications.  A longtime friend of Angkor

New Year, New Leadership for Angkor Dance Troupe

    By James Ostis   With the new year comes new leadership for one of Lowell’s oldest Cambodian cultural institutions. After four years as the president of the board of directors,

Lowell Videos Show ‘Roots, Realities, & Dreams’

Light of Cambodian Children Film wins 2nd prize In 2010, The Fighter showed that the City of Lowell could be a huge hit when it graces the silver screen.  Over the course

Angkor Dance Troupe presents Evolution of Cambodian Dance Series

by James Ostis This article appears in the November 22nd edition of KhmerPostUSA It is an art form over a thousand years old that continues to engage and captivate audiences; both steeped