A Message from Soben

Soben Ung, Co-founder & Publisher

Dear loyal readers and advertisers:

We’re celebrating the 14th year anniversary of Khmer Post USA. Since 2008, we have printed 337 editions totaling over 1 million free copies for our community. We want to thank our friends and advertisers over these years for this success. Effective may 2022, we will publish the newspaper once a month and will be promoting our website www.khmerpostusa.com. It is a new incentive to reach our audience both local and global. We will promote our social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube Chanel.

Khmer Post USA was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the Cambodian New Year’s Eve. It was at the Hilton ballroom when our lawyer brought the state registration paper, said it was done and we can now start publishing the newspaper after nearly a year of preparation and research. With excitement as a junior year college student, and while working as a medical interpreter on the side to put myself through Penn State University, I was about to embark on a journey that would forever change my life, little did I know then.

My vision for the Cambodian community was simple. I wanted to help bridge the language and cultural barriers through our newspaper and community events. At the time, Facebook was still a privately-owned company. Two years after, Facebook listed on the stock market exchange and every media company scrambled to adjust to this new platform. As Facebook started to adopt the business page, a video feature, then a live stream feature, I observed every major newspaper from the New York Times to USA Today begin to use the platform, I understood this was going to forever change the media industry.

Like other news media company, I established a Facebook page for KhmerPostUSA and expanded our print distribution to Lowell, where our new office opened two years later. We added our e-edition online and uploaded stories weekly to the website.

I am proud Khmer Post USA is the only independent, Cambodian American woman owned, bilingual Khmer and English newspaper outside of Cambodia. We report truthful information about Cambodia, which has been controlled by a totalitarian regime for more than 30 years. Khmer Post USA is the platform for people to express their views in America where it is safe to speak up and fight the Cambodian government-controlled dis-information.

As a result of the Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese occupation of Cambodia, hundreds of thousands of Cambodian people are displaced all over the world. Today, nearly half a million Cambodian people living in America still don’t have the right to vote in Cambodia. As Cambodians try to make America their new home, the trauma still persists, their identity and their language are nearly lost, their lower educational attainment–all statistics we cannot ignore.

Khmer Post USA strives to be the voice of the Cambodian people, empower them to take an active role in their own community, and support their fundamental rights all over the world.

I am thankful for the support that we’ve received all these years from readers and advertisers.

Please continue to support Khmer Post USA’s goals. We appreciate your on-going support for the Khmer Post USA goals and initiatives through your advertising.

We’re here to answer any question you may have.

Honor to serve,