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Roger S. Pin

roger pin

Roger Samkhon Pin was born, raised and educated in Phnom Penh but left Cambodia for Paris shortly before the Khmer Rouge came to power. He returned to Cambodia in 1992 to establish the Free Citizen News and was soon elected President of the Khmer Journalist Association of Cambodia. Pin’s strong advocacy of human rights and freedom of the press put his life in peril when the Cambodian government changed in 1997 and he was forced to flee to Thailand. There, he was hired by Radio Free Asia and later became Director of Cambodia Services for RFA. In 2004 he founded the first Cambodian-American radio network in America and in 2008 he co-founded the KhmerPost USA, a free biweekly and his co-founder and spouse, Soben Pin, in 2010 moved the headquarters of the KhmerPost USA to Lowell, Massachusetts to better serve the Cambodian-American population of that city, the rest of New England, and the entire Atlantic seaboard.

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Soben Pin


Soben Pin was born in Vietnam’s TraVinh Province during the years of turmoil that followed the fall of South Vietnam. With her own family disrupted by the consequences of the war, Soben along with her father, one sister, one brother came to the United States in 2000. After several years in California, the family moved to Philadelphia where Soben excelled in high school receiving a scholarship to and then graduating from Penn State. While in college, she embraced Khmer culture and became deeply involved in cultural and charitable causes in Philadelphia’s large Cambodian community. It was there that she met and married Roger  Pin. Together, they launched the KhmerPost USA of which Soben is the owner and business manager.