The KhmerPost USA, LLC was founded in Philadelphia in April 2008. It prints biweekly, in Cambodian-English, 10,000 copies per issue, size 11″X14″. Our newspaper circulation is free and serving the cambodian communities in the East Coast of the United States (PA, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA, and NH). Mailing subscription is also avaliable across United States, Canada, & France. The readership is 50,000+ and is growing.


The KhmerPost USA, LLC is an independent newspaper that aims to facilitate mass communication among the Cambodian communities, their neighboring communities, and families. We aim to address local, community, and national news; and give an insight into Cambodia & global news. We also strive to bridge the language and cultural gaps and reduce social isolation by publishing in Khmer & English. It published twice a month in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Standard of Excellence

We strive to maintain the standard of excellence by holding a biweekly editorial meeting to discuss articles that previously published, evaluate readers’ feedbacks, and exchange ideas about the current issues that are relevant to our readers for the next publication. We also provide quarterly journalism code of ethics training to all staff writers to ensure their quality of professionalism is always in line with the Khmer Post vision.