Printing & Distributions

The KhmerPost USA is the most read Cambodian newspaper in the Cambodian-American communities in the East Coast of United States. The newspaper prints 32 pages an issue. It provides important news and information to a market that is often isolated from the larger community due to a language barrier.  This includes not only national and international news but practical local information concerning health, education, politics, businesses and community involvement.

 Publication Frequency

24 times a year. Prints on every other Friday

*All ad materials are due one week prior to the publishing date.

Distributions: FREE! 10,000 copies per month

  • 60+ locations in Lowell, MA (7,000 copies)
  • 25  locations in Lynn and Revere, MA (1,000 copies)
  • 25  Providence & Cranston and Providence, RI (2,000 copies)

Publication Stock: #35 Newsprint, Binding: Tabloid, Printing Process: Web press

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