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Commentary: The Republican Party and Democrat Party in the United States

Should we believe that the Republican Party in the United States is behind a terrible event of “ballot fraud” during the presidential election in the United States on 03 November 2020? It

A Cambodian American Civil Rights Lawyer Theary C. Seng and 67 others Face Trials for Treason in Cambodia on Thanksgiving Day

Two prominent figures charged for treason are including Theary C. Seng, a Cambodian American civil rights lawyer and His Excellency Thach Setha, former Cambodia Parliamentary Senator –a Khmer Krom native from Preah

Major Cambodian American Victories in 2020 US Elections: First Two Khmer Women Elected to State and Local Offices

Posted Date: 11/13/2020 By Soben Pin | Facebook/Twitter@SobenPin Boston, MA—The 2020 US Elections made history. Republicans and Democrats struggle in a tight race. For Cambodian Americans, there are two definite victories: the

Immigrant Rights Group Hosts Virtual Panel on the Future of DACA

Published November 10, 2020 By Khmer Post USA Boston, Massachusetts — As results of the United States Presidential election just delivered over the weekend, Massachusetts immigrant group already geared up their advocacy

One Door Closed, Another Opens: Welcome Borybo Phearak Boutique and Services to Lowell Cambodia Town

By Soben Pin | Facebook/Twitter@SobenPin Lowell – the well known Pailin Plaza on Middlesex Street has added a refreshing new store — Borybo Phearak Boutique & Services to its Cambodian identity. The

Japan: Raise Rights on Trip to Vietnam, Indonesia Prime Minister Suga Should Use Favorable Position to Advocate Reforms

By Khmer Post USA Human Rights Watch, in an October 16 letter, urged newly elected Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to address the concerns about Vietnam’s widespread violations of civil and political rights, including freedom

29th Anniversary Paris Peace Agreement Commemoration to be held (worldwide) online on October 23rd – 24th, 2020

By Khmer Post USA | Published October 21, 2020 A group of Cambodian civil society organizations have joined together to hold a commemoration of the 29th Anniversary of the 1991 Paris Peace

Cambodia Flood 2020: Death tolls up to 40 people

Cambodia Flood 2020: Death tolls up to 40 people By Soben Pin | Facebook/Twitter@SobenPin Cambodia — half of the country is now under water after 10 days of non-stop rain in the

Vanna Howard, the First Khmer Woman Elected to the U.S. State Representative

By Soben Pin | Facebook/Twitter@SobenPin Lowell, MA — September 1st, 2020, a storm occurred in the Facebook community after the primary victory of the first ever Khmer woman, Vanna Howard, for U.S.

Lowell’s first Cambodian Dentist Dr. Sambath Keo Passed Away on September 20, 2020

By Soben Pin | Facebook/Twitter@SobenPin The Cambodian community-at-large mourns the lost of one of the founding members of the Cambodian community in Lowell Dr. Sambath Keo. He was born on March 21,