Fairness and Democracy Committee to Speak out in Support of Vesna Nuon for Mayor

A gathering of concerned residents has secured a permit to hear speakers advocating for the election of City Councilor Vesna Nuon as Mayor of Lowell.  The event will take place at Lowell City Hall Plaza this Sunday, December 12, 2021 at 2 PM.

Rithy Uong

Committee Chair Rithy Uong, a former Lowell City Councilor, said that he had been asked to help to organize a public speaking session because “the public has not been invited to the discussion of who should be the next Mayor of Lowell. When we look at experience, popular support in the last election, and who has best demonstrated courage, competency and character of leadership, we believe that individual is Councilor Vesna Nuon. The idea that this decision can be made the day after the election with no discussion or debate, to us, flies in the face of fairness and democracy.”

Uong said that the Committee was organized in the days following the election and is made up of Cambodian, minority and majority residents.

“We are not against any candidate for mayor, “ said Uong, “we are for Vesna Nuon, the top vote getter and most qualified to lead. He has stood up for equity, diversity and opportunity for all. We believe this type of leadership is critically important as we implement the new district representative system.”

Uong was a Lowell City Councilor from 2000 to 2005. He also said that several other speakers have requested to speak to the gathering including Susie Chhoun, the committee Vice Chair, and Tara Hong, Youth Activist.  Uong said that the committee was formed because of unhappiness in the Cambodian community at the lack of discussion qualifications for mayor. The committee, he said, has not been in contact with Councilor Nuon. “We are independent, “ Uong stated, “and wanting to work with all parties that think that fairness and democracy should be part of our city government.”