Khmer Movement for Democracy has just emerged in the United States

From Europe 1 April 2024

CNRP Vice President Mu Sochua issued a new statement on American radio stating that she had just formed a “movement for democracy” to rescue Cambodia, which was falling into a family dictatorship, and for the world to recognize Cambodia by training and practicing democracy. She made the announcement as she left an American Democratic Aid office in Washington earlier this month.

Mu Sochua served as FUNCINPEC’s Minister of Women’s Affairs during 1995 and later joined the Sam Rainsy Party as the opposition until the CNRP was dissolved by the ruling party in 2017. She escaped to the United States near Lowell to escape Cambodian court arrest charges.

The purpose of the declaration is to help educate Cambodian officials and people about the philosophy and education of democracy in Cambodia, which she believes will enhance Cambodia’s image, which has been damaged by the lack of democracy. The practice of democracy is there. She added that this was not to go against the government, but to help the new government.
No response has been received from the Cambodian government yet, but the announcement was echoed by the Khmer Will Party and Caddle Light Party in Phnom Penh, it was the first senior opposition official. It could be an attempt to open a new page to find a formula for national unity between the government and the opposition, which has been tense and violent for a long time.