Success Story of Middlesex CC Alumi Landed a job in New York City

Brian Chhom

When deciding to go back to school, turning a childhood passion for video editing into a career path made all the difference for Brian Chhom from Lowell. In Middlesex Community College’s Communications department, he honed his skills, expanded his knowledge of the industry, and gained hands-on experiences that are lending to his success in his current job in New York City.

“I was able to have these classes with teachers who genuinely cared and students who seemed like they wanted to be there,” Chhom said. “Immediately at Middlesex, I was able to operate the camera, use editing machines, and have a bunch of hands-on experience. It was great to be able to learn and practice around people I felt comfortable with.”

A standout moment for Chhom during his time at Middlesex was presenting his short film “Static” at the Boston Film Festival student showcase. He valued the opportunity to stand next to representatives from other universities well-known for their film programs and answer questions about his project.

Every day in his classes, Chhom felt like he learned something new. His professors – including Dr. Jennifer Bauer, MCC’s Chair of Art, Communication & Humanities – showed knowledge of where the industry was going and how to be successful.

He also gained experience from an internship filming corporate events for the college. While he had struggled in high school, he was able to study and dive into a field he cared about at MCC.

“Going to Middlesex brought my confidence up,” he said. “I got a bunch of my general education and communications courses done. I had 60 credits already and every single one of them transferred. By the time I had gotten to Fitchburg State, I had a lot of experience in the field. It gave me an edge over other students.”

One of the most important lessons Chhom learned in MCC’s program is the value of networking within his industry. After completing an internship while at his transfer institution, he was hired into a position with the company full-time. That role led to his current job in New York working as a dailies colorist assist for a post-production facility.

Chhom knew MCC was an option after hearing about the college in high school and seeing his brother attend. He graduated from Middlesex in 2018 with a strong foundation of skills and a sense of career path – including a goal of one day becoming a Communications professor.

Having learned more about his future industry at MCC, he was able to explore at his own pace in a fun and safe environment. For anyone interested in pursuing this field, Chhom recommends MCC as a starting place and believes “it helped me get to where I am now.”

“When I started doing something I loved, I ate it up,” he said. “I graduated from MCC with a 3.7. It made me feel like I could actually do this. If you care about what you’re doing, you’re going to excel.”