Views of Unfortunate Cambodian Politics

Europe. March 1, 2024

People who know and love Cambodia often say now that “Cambodia is unlucky” because of the endless war and poverty and they still refuse to leave Cambodia under the oppression of the high-ranking people and the lower classed people still do not go away over time.” Make the general Cambodian people cannot guarantee a better life, that is the” unlucky politics “of Cambodia.

The general opinion is that Mr. Hun Sen has already achieved all the political aspirations in Cambodia, he just resigned and handed over the power of the country to his son, Mr. Hun Manet, to be the Prime Minister. He himself is looking to another stage, as president of the senate to achieve another goal, the highest position as head of state when the King is absent in the country. Will Hun Sen end up with that head of state?
Looking at the evolution of Hun Sen’s politics from 1979 to the present, it is concluded that “only death can stop Hun Sen’s sharp intentions.” “Cambodia’s unlucky politics.” But what can the opposition do today?

Much has been done, but never the beginning or the end of anything definite, which is why the opposition movement has nothing left, the legacy of the largest opposition party in Cambodia. When it comes to the opposition, they often think of the CNRP, which is now divided into smaller factions and struggles locally but is no longer the CNRP. Win some power back a little bit, so what else can they do as an opposition party? The political enemy of the opposition party is now only “Vietnamese” who have to oppose every word and breath, including supporters of the opposition movement … Is there nothing wrong with the ruling party?

Aiming at the Vietnamese political enemy leaves a huge gap for the opposition’s unfortunate victory, as if giving Hun Sen and his children enough opportunity to pursue his “win-win” policy. It means strong people can destroy anyone, no one can win along the political path, because the enemy of the opposition politicians is Vietnam. That is the racist political society that seeks the support of the free country is the first mistake. And the other mistake is when we understand that only communist China can help the Khmer people. The Khmer opposition society still does not remember the Khmer tragedy of 1975, those are the strengths of the Khmer opposition.

There are still weaknesses of the ruling party that the opposition has never used to explain its bases of Hun Sen’s mistake of rushing the CPP youth without political experience to the post. Responsible for the whole country, whether it is illness or old age that is harassing Mr. Hun Sen, but now the opposition is gone, broken and desperate, so just put a photo to rule the country. There are other weaknesses that the opposition does not dare to think about, but are afraid of losing their own power, which is less left. Go to study in western countries, which have different view from their current management style. Modern governing is governed by the concept of “gratitude” rather than the belief in “authoritarianism” as the parents of the newcomers.
There is still more confusion by Hun Sen’s group that they can see the opposition’s way out to return to power if they truly love the Cambodian people with a liberal and democratic perspective. It was there that the “fortunes of those who opposed the dictatorship” were not Vietnamese or Khmer Rouge, but the strengthening of all patriotic Khmers as a whole with the “western views” can return to the opposition, but not for quarrels but to increase the spirit of democracy under the “Paris Agreement” to the Cambodian people as the electorate of all politicians, although “those in power today can be honored as the opposition tomorrow.”