Learn How To Weave During Lowell Kids Week

Photo Credit: Soben Pin

Lowell Kids Week is an annual festival of free family fun that takes place during February 18 -24 school vacation week. The week features dozens of free activities for children and families to do together including arts and crafts, movies, story time and Legos. It’s also a chance to learn some Lowell history from the personnel of the Lowell National Historical Park.

Lowell was the first place in America where all the parts of the Industrial Revolution came together – mechanical production, skilled workers, professional management, and large factory buildings – all to make cotton cloth. The city grew rapidly. It received its town charter in 1826 and by 1840 it was the second largest city in Massachusetts and one of the most important places in America. Although textile production moved elsewhere by the 1950s, the great brick mill buildings remained. After years of being vacant, they were converted to upscale condos, apartments and offices beginning in the 1970s under the leadership of Lowell native and former U.S. Senator Paul Tsongas. As this transformation of the city’s buildings was occurring, the makeup of the city’s residents was also being transformed with the arrival of thousands of Cambodian refugees.

Aiden participates at Weaving workshop during Lowell’s Kids week in 2016

KhmerPost USA finds a common thread between Cambodian culture and Lowell history – that is weaving. Hand weaving in Cambodia has been done for thousands of years and is still practiced in many villages across the county today. We encourage our readers to bring kids and family to experience the weaving technology at the Lowell National Park Boott Cotton Mills Museum at 115 John St during school vacation on February 21-22 at 2PM-2:45PM. The Weaving Workshop is free but registration is required by calling 978-970-5000. And if you can’t make it, catch it on every second Saturday of the month until May 11, 2019 for the free museum admission and workshop.

For complete schedules and workshops through the city of Lowell, visit www.lowellkidsweek.org