Commentary: The Republican Party and Democrat Party in the United States

Should we believe that the Republican Party in the United States is behind a terrible event of “ballot fraud” during the presidential election in the United States on 03 November 2020? It is unbelievable! but President Donald Trump since the election day reiterates that “there is fraud of his vote… I am re-elected…he receives a lot of vote”. But the election result called by each state is Donald Trump does not win who receives only 232 votes and Biden receives 306 votes…unfortunately, as he is not elected, but he files the case to court without proof/evident. The court decision throws out all filed cases of the president saying that “there is no any case of systematic ballot fraud”.

So, the word “voting fraud” came out from the president of the United States, it undermines the United States and American people and degrades the country reputation to the bottom of the democratic countries, the corrupted groups and these sentences make people believe him.
Not only the supporters of the unelected president who behind Trump but also key members of the Republican Party including Pompeo, Meg McConnel, Juliana…who tried to defend “the unconceded” and not recognizing the lost of Trump. Now, everyone knows that those people seem “do not protect the United States’ democracy but they protect their party position”. Those who file reasonable lawsuit, the court would accept it, but the public opinion says that “it is not appropriate” even a number of key members, they don’t take part in “unconcede” of the Republican Party, that is why the American people divided into two groups of dispute.

The United States has two urgent works that need to be done. 1) to prevent Covid-19 that has killed 250,000 innocent people and 2) to re-activate the country economy. The virus has been affecting almost 11 millions people, no drug for curing it yet, shops have been ordered to close its doors, unemployed and victims of Covid-19 don’t know where to go what to do. Now due to incitements of Trump’s supporters, the United States has additional new “unrest”. Alternative solutions for those necessities, Donald Trump has been spending a lot time for arguing without basis and Trump’s team also ignore the essentiality for the country…what do Trump and his Republican Party want exactly?The Republican Party used to have nation lovers, individual candidates were purely capable, men of his word and hate propaganda, but now they say “President Trump is a new person in politic” but why the successor from President Abraham Lincoln is soft, wanting to win, do not estimate their president ‘capacity who like saying the untruthful words, proud, sore loser, having unclear past elite… those acts make everyone see that “officials of the Republican Party also love the higher positions more than loving of democracy and national reputation”.
The republican party is drowning, unable to withdraw from defending the position of the president where majority of the votes have abandoned Trump now.

Tasks to fulfill for its people have been failed at the end of Trump’s mandate except propaganda remains. Reputation of the Republican will slowly go down if there is no one gets his or her support from Trump, those include the entire former president Bush’s team, former candidate Mitt Romney who preserve their original stand of their party, not afraid of damaging their popularity among people, not afraid of bully from their party…still preserve justice perspective, united nationalism perspective, and humanitarian basis. There they preserve the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, the father of national unity during civil war.
The American people will remember last longer of the election results and actions toward to the United States richest man “who is former asset businessman” who is good at filling lawsuit “in attempt to flip the 2020 election result by not conceding and wish to stay in the White House for the next four year term”. They will continue to kill the innocent people with virus and kill its American economy severely.

By: Pin Samkhon, Editor of the Khmer Post USA

18 November 2020| Translated from Khmer