Analysis of global economic and political developments

Europe, April 2024

The causes of global economic development

In 2024, economic observers have observed that the economic growth gap between the liberal and communist countries is widening in the opposite direction from 1990 to 2024. During the 1990s, the United States encouraged communist China, Russia, and Vietnam to join the “World Free Market” in exchange for respect for human rights (from the communist side to the end of the Vietnam-US war) by the three communist countries. That is a country that loves war and oppresses its own people and its own poor country.

The decision to join the free market community of China, Russia and Vietnam has changed the face of the three communist countries, with rich countries such as the United States and Europe also investing in the communist countries as traders. Manufacturers of consumer goods, electronics, and foodstuffs … made cheap, which makes the goods in the free market and goods of the free countries easy to sell. So, for more than 30 years, this free-market initiative has been economically profitable on both the liberal side and the communist countries in the East. Labor (China, Vietnam, Russia) from the sale of crude oil and oil (Russia) also get the same benefits to become an economic power, large or small, according to the ambitions of each dictatorship.

It is the ambition of the “dictatorship regime” that has given their countries the opposite evolution from the “liberal regime”. Dictatorship regimes use the money the factory earns as weapons, while the low-wage labor force simply cannot guarantee a future. In the last 10 years, China has built warships, both China and Russia have made efforts to build nuclear missiles, Vietnam has made efforts to build biological weapons, and Vietnam has strengthened its military infrastructures to encroach on its territorial waters and territorial integrity.

As for the west, they think of the people, the economy has grown, the people receive the benefits, the governments try to defend 32 countries by tying the military alliances of 32 countries to go for war together, to be stronger and to spend less resources. We understand that America and Europe remain the strongest economic powers in the world due to the liberal political stability of the west countries.

Current global economic forces

With a lot of money, China has invested in exploiting poor countries with dictatorial leaders to lend money for bridges, roads, and large structures. And send its citizens to do business in those countries (Cambodia is one of them), support the army for a coup (in Africa), destroy the integrity of some countries (in Asia or Europe). Russia, too, was invaded by mercenaries in Africa, in the Middle East, and invaded Europe. Vietnam is not different from invading the integrity of Cambodia, Laos, losing their independence.

These actions were observed and warned by a liberal country that imposed sanctions and subsequently withdrew its factories from the Russian and Chinese superpowers (US President Donald Trump was the first to order the removal of factories from China in 2017), stop buying gas or oil, stop doing business with it … Suffering alone is not enough, China suffered 19 severe Covid-19 pandemic in 2018, causing the closure of its own country for almost 3 years … Russia is ready to attack Ukraine in just three days, but two years ago, still cannot beat it, and “money also pays the bag” to become a millionaire the day before, but the economy is deteriorating and inflation is worse. Try to lie to the public, no one believes it, so just run to rob Africa or the Middle East or Latin America to survive. Vietnam escaped from these sanctions, unlike China and Russia, because it suppressed Cambodia and Laos in secret and did not move from those two countries on its own. If the economy is declining, why declare nuclear war with the United States and Europe?

The future fate of the dictatorship communist regime
Dictatorships often rule the country by the military and the police to usurp state power from the people, which is the cause of poverty in the country, but those communist countries never show the poor image of their country as in North Korea. And so on.

The United States and Europe have imposed economic sanctions on Russia and China over their aggression in Ukraine, which has left the two dictatorships at war.
Gradually, there was no way to escape the disfigurement and threaten the west countries from the “nuclear war” or “World War III” so that the west would not intervene to defend the country he was oppressing at all.

On the Liberal side, there was no public propaganda for the presence of an American “nuclear submarine” in the Mediterranean just near Moscow, near Japan there was another similar ship there in space satellite” regularly monitors and can automatically command the launch of missiles near Russia or China to interrupt any nuclear launch as soon as possible. NATO troops on the Russian border have also been conducting combat readiness exercises.

Hiding the shortcomings of their countries with their enemies or with their own people, dictators can always do without shame, but the same authorities know for sure that they cannot afford to risk a war.

Now with the west countries who are together and strong, it is definitely a suicide. In addition, the United States has repeatedly shown that its spies are always close to Putin or the CCP, not to miss any suspicious activity.

If Russia launches a nuclear missile, Russia and China will not be able to escape the nuclear fire from the allies, who are ready to wait for the daring reaction of the dictators.