$350K in scholarships awarded to Lowell High Seniors

Lowell High School held Student Honors Night in person for the first time on May 17 since the Covid-19 pandemic. The evening filled with excitement, cheers and applauses as each student took turn to receive their scholarship award. There was no speech from any student, like other scholarship event the audience would anticipate.  It wasn’t because they were not important, but because of the long, long list of scholarship recipients that took two moderators two hours to finish reading out loud each of 378 different scholarships that awarded to the much deserved 243 graduating seniors.

Lowell High School Honors Night 2022. Photo by Jen Myers

It is not a complaint. It is a good kind of long list that made one open the eyes and see so many generous people in Lowell, and appreciate the generosity of many generations before us have put forward the gifts for the future of Lowell young men and women whom they may or may never meet. About one-half of the scholarship recipients are the first in their family to go to college and two-thirds of the students have demonstrated financial needs.

City of Lowell is a working-class city with medium income of $62,000 per household with 40 thousand households, according to the 2020 U.S census. There are 21% of 115,441 persons living in Lowell are Asian descends, 17.9% are Latinos, 49.8% are white, and 8.9% are blacks, 4.3% are mixed two races or more. Lowell’s high school enrolled 3,056 of which 29% Asian, 34% Hispanic and 20% white. Foreign born persons are 26% and 40% of the total population speaks other English language at home. The characteristics of Lowell city explains the complex needs of the immigrant’s community, refugees, as the city continue to welcome all people from all walks of life.

The story of Lowell High School scholarship is truly remarkable like none other. The old mill city high school had $75,500 in 26 scholarship funds established before 1998 when it transferred the funds to the Greater Lowell Community Foundation to manage and invest. A few years later, LHS initiated The Campaign for Educational Excellence that raised $1M in scholarships. Since then, other efforts have occurred, and today, the LHS Scholarship Endowment Fund totals 6.75 million dollars, according to the foundation newsletter.

Greater Lowell Community Foundation President & CEO Jay Linnehan

Greater Lowell Community Foundation President and CEO Jay Linnehan thanked the generous donors and those who have set up scholarship funds for their commitment to education and excellence in our community. He urged the student scholarship recipients to not forget where they came from and to always remember to “pay it forward.”

He said that philanthropy is not just about money, but also civic engagement and involvement, encouraging these budding young leaders to be involved in their community.

Many diverse students received the scholarships. Given the statistics, many Cambodian American students also have received the scholarships. Notably, there is ONE Cambodian American scholarship and it was presented to a Khmer student Cynthia Toum by two Cambodian American School Committee members: Dominik Lay and Susie Chhoun. Superintendent Dr. Joe Boyd was in the attendance.

The 2022 scholarship recipients are:

  1. Peter S. Stamas Scholarship Fund: Frantzcesca Charles, Brian Chea, Eduarda De Moura, Kane Pham, Samantha Seng
  2. Thomas “Tiny” Sheehan Scholarship Fund: Mariam Seid
  3. Sullivan Middle School PTO Scholarship Fund: Melanie Chaves, Karyna Cortes Lopez
  4. Marilyn Swartz Lloyd Scholarship: Vishwas Devisetti
  5. Swartz-Lloyd Love of the English Language Scholarship: Amy Lam
  6. Joseph D. Sweeney Science Award: Sokrath Un
  7. Ellenor T. Trull Scholarship Fund: Patricia Prout
  8. Votze Butler Stone Memorial Scholarship: Mustafa Salih
  9. Frank D. Weymouth Memorial Scholarship: Meghan Jewell, Jessica Pot
  10. Cassie Zousoumas Memorial Scholarship Fund: Darlena Suy
  11. 1826 Lowell High School Scholarship: Constance Chan-Polcari, Viputh Kounakor, Jessica Nguyen, Jeter Santiago
  12. Douglas Townshend Choral Arts Scholarship Fund: Cynthia Toum
  13. Verda Annan Scholarship Fund: Raffy Reyes
  14. Edward J. Babigan Memorial Scholarship Fund: Justin Charbonnier
  15. Walter A. Bacigalupo Memorial Scholarship Fund: Mariany De Amorim Trugilho
  16. Harry F. Bean Scholarship Fund: Melanie Chaves
  17. John J. Beaulieu Poetry Prize Fund: Jayanny Oliveria
  18. Doyle Family Scholarship Fund: Sokrath Un
  19. Bon Marche Trust Scholarship: Arinola Ajayi
  20. Ruth I. Brennan Memorial Scholarship Fund
  21. Sullivan Middle School: Karyna Cortes Lopez
  22. Wang Middle School: Konama Adusei
  23. Sally Birke Memorial Scholarship Fund: Jhekcarry Mam
  24. Charles A. & Mary Carlson Memorial Scholarship Fund: Joseph Buckley, Thavictoria Seng, Ethan Xayvethy
  25. Caulfield and R. Mercier Lowell Wonders Scholarship Fund: Patricia Batenga Kalemera
  26. Sithsuon Chan Scholarship: Jyling Kuy, Chrisna Keat
  27. Don Costa Memorial Scholarship Fund: Viona Kamoni
  28. John H. Costello Book Award for Music: Glen Njeru
  29. Jane Cullen McOsker Scholarship: Mariliza Lanes
  30. Richard J. Dacey Scholarship Fund: Solinda Chea, Margaret Hood, Olivia Makiej
  31. Merrimack Valley Rotary Club for Lawrence L. Day Memorial Scholarship Fund: Tyler Ros
  32. DCU Scholarship: Joseph Auger, Angelyna Bahls, Dyllan Bui, Ashley Boissonneault, Mackenzie Boissonneault, Rebecca Cady, Franklin Caguana, Julia Driscoll-Perez, Natalie Mao, Alana Harris, Has Seka Hak, Rosa Hinojos, Melissa Ing, Viona Kamoni, Tobey Keopadith, Khanh Ly, Jhekcarry Mam, Hoang Nguyen, Oghenetega Nsumei, Areeya O’Neill, Kyaylanna Ren, Anisha Sanghvi, Michael Sawin, Sana Sherring, Rebecca Suman Fragoso
  33. Berthe M. Desmarais Scholarship Fund: Heather Berry, Jazmine Chhet, Amanda Donovan, Madeline Frenette, Mariya Ken, Kythan Ses, Tien Tran, Triza Waigi
  34. Theres Farrell Scholarship Fund: Isabel Allen
  35. Eileen Marjorie McGuire Donahue Scholarship Fund: Xavier DeMarco Burks
  36. Sarah Droney-McGurrin Scholarship Fund: Alyssa Bouchard
  37. George and Carol Duncan Family Scholarship Fund: Jeter Santiago
  38. Agnes C. Durkin Memorial Scholarship Fund: Qingping Diep, Christina Grillakis, Angelina Lam, Kelly Ly
  39. Natalie J. Eacrett Memorial Scholarship Fund: Ali Rivera
  40. Louis Fineman Memorial Scholarship Fund: Katrina Russell
  41. Martin “Mickey” Finn Scholarship: Callum Burgess
  42. Leo & Matthew Flynn Memorial Scholarship Fund: Kimleng Kit
  43. Eleanor Pihl Fox Scholarship Fund: Channeary Mao
  44. Kenneth Russell Fox Scholarship Fund: Kyle Frechette
  45. John J. Giblin Music Scholarship Fund: Glen Njeru
  46. Goriansky Brothers Scholarship Fund: Vinnycius Alves
  47. GLCF Scholarship Fund for LHS: Mannette Gono, Ethan Hebert, Zoeshka Obdens, Paulina Preap, Rosenid Vazquez Chavez
  48. Kenneth Hall Scholarship Fund: Mason Webb
  49. Julia Hassan’s Musical Instrument Scholarship: Amy Huynh
  50. Head of School Award, Business Management/Finance: Mohamed Jalloh
  51. Head of School Award, English: Valerie Savard
  52. Head of School Award, English Learners: Salome Serrata
  53. Head of School Award, Fine Arts: Glen Njeru
  54. Head of School Award, World Languages: Priyanka Patel
  55. Head of School Award, Math: Kimleng Kit
  56. Head of School Award, Perseverance: Aliza Prom
  57. Head of School Award, Science: Angelina Lam
  58. Head of School Award, Social Studies: Sopheakmonyratana Ouk
  59. Mary F. Hogan Scholarship Fund: Michael Pickett
  60. John J. & Clara M. Hurley Memorial Scholarship: Nicole Bianchi, Thu Huynh, Shuaib Ibraheem, Jayanny Oliveria, Drew Waterhouse
  61. Felicia May Johnson Scholarship Fund: Konama Adusei
  62. Henry J. Jubinville Scholarship Fund: Abdulai Jalloh
  63. John M. Kenney Memorial Scholarship Fund: MolyKim Srun
  64. Jack Kerouac Prize for Literature Fund: Melissa Ing
  65. Jack Kerouac Scholarship Fund: Ken Lei
  66. Mary V. Kiafas Scholarship Fund: Athena Cote
  67. William P. Kraines Memorial Scholarship Fund: Sarah Azevedo, Amy Lam, Richard Sriprai
  68. Stephanie Gancarz Krzyda & Frank Krzyda Scholarship Fund: Adam Tyawil
  69. Anna Lekas Kuenzler Scholarship Fund: Riasey Seng
  70. Michael J. Kuenzler Scholarship Fund
  71. Wrestler: Theodore Jimenez
  72. Law Enforcement: Nelsy Nunez
  73. LHS Scholarship Fund: Melissa Ing, Dylan Kuczek, Sopheakmonyratana Ouk, Priyanka Patel
  74. LHS Class of 1979 Scholarship Fund: John Riordan
  75. LHS Alumni Association Alice Pearson Awards
  76. Accounting: Molykim Srun
  77. Business: Darsh Patel
  78. Math: John Riordan
  79. LHS Alumni Chorus: Glen Njeru
  80. LHS Dance Scholarship: Amelia Halloran
  81. LHS Distinguished Alumni Scholarship Fund: Eh Paw
  82. LHS Latino Scholarship Fund: Emmanuel Montoya Cano
  83. LHS Visual Arts Scholarship Fund: Hannah Ho
  84. National Honor Society Scholarship: Christopher Ferreira, Natalia Flores, Jheovanie Mikouanya, Avani Patel, Darsh Patel, Mason Webb
  85. Lowell Garden Club Genieve E. Lawrence Memorial Scholarship Fund: Kimson Lam
  86. Lowell Summer Music Series Scholarship Fund: Hannah Ho, Rhondyna Reth
  87. Lowell Women’s Week Scholarship Fund: Okechukwu Onyenwe
  88. Ester Loynes Curseaden & Ruth Loynes Barker Memorial Scholarship Fund: Chrisna Keat
  89. Peter Markham Family Scholarship Fund: Arinola Ajayi, Alexia Loyn
  90. Luz Family Scholarship Fund: Kaitlyn Doughty, Thong Ha
  91. Catherine J. McArdle Scholarship Fund: Aryan Bhaghat, Kiernan Foyle, Rachael Klosowski, Tatiana Mitchell, Ravik Nan, Bonne Volonte Panguere, Thy To
  92. McAuliffe Elementary School PTO Scholarship Fund: Patricia Batenga Kalemera
  93. Clement G. McDonough Memorial Scholarship Fund: Christopher Ferreira
  94. Ryan P. McMahon Memorial Scholarship Fund: Casey Mitchell
  95. Marty Meehan Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund: Demitria Peau
  96. Middlesex Women’s Club of Lowell Scholarship Fund: An Tri Thach
  97. Rita Sharcoff Mizner & Sidney S. Mizner Memorial Scholarship Fund: Avani Patel
  98. Mojtabai Family Scholarship Fund: Victoria Kamoni, Hoang Truc Kim, Raphael Talhouk
  99. Francis X. Moriarty Scholarship Fund: Morgan Bilodeau
  100. Grady Mulligan Scholarship Fund: Victoria Chanthaseng
  101. Robert E. & Cecelia Mullin Scholarship Fund: Anthony Pena
  102. Frederick T. Murphy Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund: Nathaniel Haley
  103. Dennis J. & Lillian Murphy Scholarship Fund: Basma Al Aani, Jeffrey Awuah, Das Wesley Fataki, Matthew Geary, Izaviah Hong, Abigail Igbinovia, Francis Kelly, Benjamin Kotsifas, Viputh Kounakor, Maccinne Kurapa, Chousean Ly, Desaliyah Maomanyvanh, Kimora Mckinney, Marina Meas, Quynh Nguyen, Prem Patel, Giangelys Pena, Jorge Perez Guerro, Tatyana Pike, Rhondyna Reth, Manuel Rivas, Mey Phing Taing, An Tri Thach, Kaydinh Tu, Ashley Valente, Vincent Var
  104. Peter Nason Scholarship Fund: Makaeli Boisvert
  105. Dana and Elizabeth Palmer Book Award: Keaton Thoeuk
  106. Katina Pappas Tsongas Scholarship Fund: Nora Funaro
  107. Louis M. Saab Memorial Scholarship Fund: Sarah Simmons, Vaidehi Patel
  108. Peter Saab Joseph Memorial Scholarship Fund: Brandon Bui, Angelina Lam
  109. Thomas J. and Mary E. Saab Scholarship Fund: Tuleen Aghabi, Isaiah Kafero
  110. Georgia Sarris Memorial Scholarship Fund: Aleen Aghabi
  111. Nicholas C. Sarris Scholarship Fund: Ary Kusna
  112. Linda A. Souza Scholarship Fund: Badraddin Al Ezairej
  113. Kathryn Philbin Stoklosa Scholarship Fund: Michael Pickett
  114. George N. Tsapatsaris Scholarship Fund: Alicia Mansaray
  115. Stephen Tousignant Music Memorial Scholarship Fund: Xavier DeMarco Burks
  116. Raymond & Jean Trudel Memorial Scholarship Fund: Khoi Vo, Jheovanie Mikouanya
  117. Chet Szablak, Jr. Scholarship Fund: Blake Ramos
  118. Kate Thompson Scholarship for a Brighter Future: Rose Njeri
  119. United American Energy Scholarship Fund: Basma Al Aani, Vishwa Devisetti, Kimberly Imbacuan, Marina Meas, Aaron Morris, Marianne Nguyen, Patricia Prout, Mercy Olu, Maneth Song, Palamee Vongdara
  120. Amrita Valli Healthcare Scholarship: Mohamed Jalloh
  121. An Wang Middle School Scholarship: Giangelys Pena
  122. Washington Savings Bank Scholarship: Mey Phing Taing
  123. Joann Weber Memorial Scholarship: Santiago Echeverry Lopez
  124. William Woodcock Scholarship Fund: Kyrone Lor
  125. Western Ave. Artists Association Scholarship: quynh Nguyen
  126. Rotary Club of Lowell Doris Williams Scholarship Fund: Vanthavy Oung
  127. Zaher-Lacouture-Galotta Family Fund: Aleen Aghabi
  128. Air Force Jr. ROTC Instructor Award: Sarah Azevedo, Mayara Correia, Sofia Cruz Carasquillo, Santiago Echeverry Lopez, Brian Lang, Jheovanie Mikouanya, Michele Pham, Lauren Poirier
  129. Air Force Jr. ROTC In Memory of Kirk Czelewicz: Vinnycius Alves
  130. Align Credit Union Scholarship: Channeary Mao
  131. Mary Barsorian Weems Sullivan Nealon Humphrey Scholarship Fund: Kyrone Lor
  132. Cameroonians of Lowell Scholarship Fund: Kevin Wahome
  133. Janet E. Conners & Janet L. Lang Nursing Scholarship: Melanie Chaves
  134. Colleen Creegan Memorial Scholarship Fund Cheerleading: Cindy Sriprai, Juan Tobon
  135. Creegan Family Scholarship: Anthony Bianchi, Jacy Nelson, Kavi Oeur
  136. Daniel Crowther Memorial Scholarship Fund: Michele Pham
  137. Michael DeVincenzi Scholarship Fund: Morgan Bioldeau
  138. Ernie Descheneaux Memorial Scholarship: Tien Phan
  139. Michael Dubois Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Morneau
  140. Barbara N. Dunsford Scholarship Fund: Roselyn Chavez
  141. Emily Edwards Memorial Scholarship: Portia Yeboah
  142. Friends of Tyler Park Scholarship: Maneth Song
  143. Jachaly Engineering Scholarship: Justin Charbonnier, Marianne Nguyen, Sokrath Un
  144. Dennis Krysiak Memorial Scholarship Fund: Thong Ha
  145. Enterprise Bank Scholarship: Randi Hang
  146. Muriel R. Moriarty Scholarship Fund: Isabel Allen, Mariliza Lanes, Catherine Shanahan
  147. LHS Class of 1962 in Honor of Barbara Silva Russell: Anastasia Lee
  148. LHS Class of 2010 Scholarship Fund: Jyling Kuy
  149. LHS Class of 1969 Scholarship Fund: Jesenia Wilson
  150. LHS Class of 1968 Scholarship Fund: Mariany De Amorim Trugilho
  151. Brian J. Martin Scholarship: Keaton Thoeuk
  152. Katherine M. Martin Scholarship Fund: Victoria Farley
  153. Rodger F. Martin, Jr. Scholarship Fund: Cindy Sriprai
  154. Rodger F. Martin, Sr. Scholarship: Ashly Tep
  155. Peter F. Martin Scholarship: Gabriela Mejia Guzman
  156. James S. Martin Scholarship Fund: Ali Rivera
  157. Merrimack Valley Food Bank for the Guy Francesshelli Scholarship Fund: Kimleng Kit, Kevin Wahome
  158. Francis Paul McHugh Scholarship Fund: Joseph Buckley
  159. Plomaritis Family Foundation Scholarship: Maegan Cole
  160. Miller Family Scholarship Fund: Samuel Thy
  161. Raymond E. Riddick Scholarship: Carleigh Ahern, Callum Burgess, Ryan Courtney, Casey Mitchell, Travis Vandinter, Brian Lang, Lauren Poirier, Rose Njeri
  162. Kathy Reticker Scholarship: Mia Frazier, Darlena Suy
  163. Joseph R. Rocha NAACP Scholarship Fund: Brigid Thome
  164. Shruti N. Shah Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Sorano, Angel Tran
  165. Daniel F. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund: Emmanuel Montoya Cano
  166. Joseph M. Regan Memorial Scholarship Fund: Richard Sriprai
  167. William S. & Patricia G. Taupier Foundation Scholarship: Konama Adusei, Joylyn Ndungu, Syntiche Nguimbi Moussouda, Portia Yeboah
  168. William S. & Patricia G. Taupier Foundation Scholarship, Nursing/Health: Darsh Patel, Michaela Wilson
  169. Paul Tsongas/UMass Lowell Scholarship: Alejandro Bonilla, Katherine Tamayo
  170. Cambodian American Scholarship: Cynthia Toum
  171. Cobblestones-Plath Family Culinary Arts Scholarship Fund: Ester Raposa
  172. James F. Conway, Jr. Scholarship Fund: Christina Grillakis, Darsh Patel
  173. Eastern Bank Scholarship: Amelia Halloran
  174. Ajay Kothari Scholarship: Katrina Russell, Adam Tyawil
  175. Amsi Morales Scholarship Fund: Manuel Rivas, Juan Tobon
  176. Linda R. Gallagher Scholarship: Salome Serrata
  177. Girls Incorporated Loretta Duncan Scholarship Fund: Alicia Mansaray
  178. A Melvin Glazer Scholarship Fund: Kaitlyn Doughty
  179. Greenhalge Elementary School Scholarship Fund: Christopher Ferreira
  180. George D. and Stella A. Kouloheras Scholarship Fund: Jessica Pot
  181. Brendan D. Leahy Memorial Scholarship Fund: Kevin Pol
  182. LHS Class of 1955 Scholarship Fund: Catherine Shanahan
  183. LHS Class of 1957 Scholarship Fund: Ayame Le Thoueithaisong
  184. William J. Samaras/Kendall M. Wallace LHS Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund: Lakshmi Chea Men, Dhebi Chea Men, Khoi Vo
  185. Friends of LHS Founders Scholarship Fund: Kyle Frechette
  186. LHS Class of 1960 Scholarship Fund: Anisha Sanghvi
  187. LHS Class of 1975 Scholarship Fund: Juan Tobon
  188. LHS Class of 1980 Scholarship Fund: Lauren Poirier
  189. Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank/Gerald R. Wallace Memorial Scholarship: Constance Chan-Polcari, Justin Charbonnier
  190. Bartlett Community Partnership School Alumni Scholarship Fund: Meghan Jewell
  191. Lowell General Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Scholarship Fund: Tracy Waruru
  192. Lowell Police Officer George F.A. Pearsall Memorial Scholarship Fund: Mayara Correia
  193. Lowell Police Officer Christos G. Rouses Memorial Scholarship Fund: Kimberly Imbacuan
  194. Lowell Police Officer Patrick F. Leavitt Memorial Scholarship Fund: Celia Flomo
  195. Lowell Police Officer John J. Winn II Memorial Scholarship Fund: Gabriela Mejia Guzman
  196. Alice Dolan Murphy Scholarship Fund: Tracy Waruru
  197. Thomas F. & Helena B. Murphy Scholarship Fund: Davida Vandi
  198. Manilal Dadabhai Patel Memorial Scholarship Fund: Ashly Tep
  199. Store 38 Scholarship in Memory of Gino Edward Orlando: Natalia Flores
  200. Store 38 Scholarship in Memory of Corporal Peter E. Orlando USMC: Gabriela Mejia Guzman
  201. Store 38 Scholarship in Memory of Diwaliisben P. Patel: Eh Paw
  202. Portuguese-American Scholarship Fund: Dalia Silva
  203. Joseph G. Pyne Arts Magnet School Scholarship: Nathaniel Haley
  204. Brian F. Reynolds Student Athlete Scholarship Fund: Sophia Cruz Carasquillo, Alex Phosy
  205. Rogers Hall Scholarship: Lillian Cluff
  206. Rogers School Effective Effort Award Scholarship Fund: Alex Chau
  207. Stephen Ronan Scholarship Fund: Alyssa Bouchard

Jen Myer from Lowell Public School contributed to this report.