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Chinese Robot “Yutu” lands on the Moon

On Saturday, December 14th, the Chinese unmanned space rover Yutu landed on the surface of the moon, according to the Chinese state news agency. China became the third country, following the United

Angkor Dance Troupe presents Evolution of Cambodian Dance Series

by James Ostis This article appears in the November 22nd edition of KhmerPostUSA It is an art form over a thousand years old that continues to engage and captivate audiences; both steeped

Lowell: The Entrepreneurial City

By James Ostis   Historian (and KhmerPostUSA contributor) Richard Howe often says Lowell was the “Silicon Valley of the 19th Century.”  But during an engaging discussion last month at the Merrimack Valley

Lowell Entrepreneurs Share $30K Prize Pool a Sandbox Summer Accelerator Awards

Submitted by Lianna Kushi Edited by Soben Pin Translated by Sokha Lim September 10th — The Sandbox Summer Accelerator 2013 Awards Ceremony was held at the Everett Mills in Lawrence to celebrate the