Lowell’s New City Manager is Rep. Tom Golden

Lowell, MA – Longtime State Representative Tom Golden was sworn in as the next City Manager last night. Rep. Golden has served the 16th Middlesex District, which includes Centralville, Pawtucketville, and North Chelmsford since 1994. He held many leadership positions including Chair of the House Committee on Telecommunication, Energy, and Utilities.

Tom Golden swears in as 18th City Manager of Lowell. Photo by Jen Myer.

Standing next to Golden at the swearing ceremony is his wife, Joane Sheehan Golden and their two daughters.

“Overall I am very excited to unite the city. I am excited to get out to different communities, meet people with different ideas, and how to make the city the best it can be,” said Golden over the phone with Khmer Post USA.

“We are going to increase the communication with people,” said Golden. “Lowell is a great city and every day the resident deserves it better and better. The key to all that is communication, making sure the city hall is listening to every corner of Lowell and trying to solve their problems,” he added.

Goden will serve as the 18th City Manager of Lowell. The role of a City Manager in Lowell is the chief executive officer who runs the city under the direction of the 11 city councilors. They meet every Tuesday at city hall and it is public. Every motion filed, communication request and report, budget and spending are public. To see the meeting agenda, log onto https://www.lowellma.gov/AgendaCenter/City-Council-4

Golden’s first meeting with city councilors will be on May 3rd, 2022. Khmer Post USA obtained the agenda and two items of interest to the Cambodian community are agenda number 8.5 “Councilor Nuon and Councilor Yem request the city council recognize April 17th as Cambodian Genocide Remembrance Day, and agenda number 8.6, Councilor Nuon request City Manager have DPD work with the CMAA and Cambodian Town Committee to install flags on utility poles along Middlesex Street.”

Councilor Nuon said the public are welcomed to attend the meeting and register to speak during the council meeting on Tuesday May 3rd with regards to April 17th as Cambodian Genocide Remembrance Day.