Maura Healey Secures Democratic Nomination for Massachusetts Governor with 71% of Convention Vote

WORCESTER – Maura Healey secured the Democratic nomination for Governor of Massachusetts, earning 71% of the vote from delegates at the Democratic State Convention in Worcester. Healey received the highest vote percentage of a Democratic candidate for a contested Massachusetts Governor’s nomination in recent history. If elected in November, Healey would be the first woman elected Governor in Massachusetts and the first openly lesbian Governor in the country

In her speech, Healey outlined her vision for making a difference in the lives of Massachusetts residents and the stakes of the election. She pointed to lowering the high cost of living, expanding job training, making Massachusetts a global leader on clean energy, and protecting and expanding access to abortion as top priorities.

“I will be a Governor who sees everyone, listens to everyone, and hears everyone. A Governor who fights to make sure people share in our progress and no one is left behind. A Governor as tough as the state she serves,” said Healey in her speech. “Because in Massachusetts, we don’t follow. We lead. We don’t wait. We act. And we never back down when people are counting on us.”

In a video, family members, colleagues, and community leaders described Healey as caring, understanding, courageous, empathetic, a team player, and a champion for justice and equality. They praised her for holding predatory student lenders accountable, standing up for reproductive freedom, combating the opioid epidemic, enforcing the assault weapons ban, supporting LGBTQ+ youth, and tackling the climate crisis.

Danielle Allen, former candidate for Governor and the first Black woman to run for statewide office in Massachusetts, endorsed Maura ahead of the Convention. “I’m delighted to endorse Maura Healey — a seasoned leader with an invaluable depth of experience across the board and a track record of commitment to the people of Massachusetts,” said Allen in a statement. “With the depth and strength of her criminal justice reform agenda, including her focus on driving progress through leadership appointments, Maura is already leading for change — and with her support for climate justice, overdose prevention sites, and same day voter registration, she will be an effective champion on the biggest issues facing our state.”

At the Convention, the motion to nominate Healey was made by Danielle Allen, Grace Akkara, a 19-year-old delegate from Quincy who had previously worked with Healey to advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment, and Healey’s brother, Terrence Healey of Essex, seconded the nomination.