Open Lowell: Promoting Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity

In celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the City of Lowell launched Open Lowell, a new initiative that recognizes Lowell’s unique cultural diversity and promotes an inclusive environment. Open Lowell celebrates all who have chosen to call Lowell home; to raise families, establish businesses, pursue educations, and nurture our vibrant community. This initiative celebrates those who have lived in Lowell for generations, as well as newly established residents. Open Lowell supports and envisions the City of Lowell as a welcoming environment full of opportunity for all.

“This is what Lowell is about,” says City Manager Thomas A. Golden, Jr. “Through the Open Lowell initiative, we intend to elevate the positive attributes of the city in a way that brings people together to have cultural conversations and learn from each other about our shared experiences and commonality.”

Lowell is, and always has been, a center for diversity. Lowell is a distinct and culturally rich community composed of educated, innovative, resilient people; a community that encourages equity, and invests in mobility and accessibility to the future growth of all. The City of Lowell is committed to providing better opportunities in work, education, housing, business, and the arts to all residents. This Open Lowell initiative supports the idea that all are invited to participate in opportunities to prosper.

Open Lowell will sponsor family-friendly events that highlight the purpose of inclusivity. In honor of Women’s History Month in March, the City of Lowell hosted a soft opening for Open Lowell at Panela Restaurant, a woman-owned business in the heart of Downtown Lowell. The event was well attended by Mr. Golden; Mayor Sokhary Chau; City Councilors Rita Mercier, Vesna Nuon, Corey Robinson, Kim Scott, and Paul Ratha Yem; Representative Rodney Elliott; as well as City employees, friends, and families. Viviana Acevedo, owner of Panela, welcomed the community with delicious Colombian cuisine and a night of salsa dancing and music.

Open Lowell will hold series of events by the City of Lowell ranging from cultural celebrations to public opinion sessions. The first event will be held in recognition of AAPI Heritage Month this Thursday, May 18, at 1981 Ramen Bar, 129 Merrimack Street from 4:30pm-5:30pm. All are welcome and complimentary dishes will be served.