Vote by Mail 2024

2024 is the Presidential election year in addition to the state election. There will be Presidential Primary on March 5. General Election for both state and presidential will be on November 5th.

2024 Vote by Mail Application

For voters who want to cast their ballots by mail, the last day to apply is Tuesday, February 27 by mail or online at

To apply for your ballot is free and easy as 1.2.3. Every eligible voter in Massachusetts should have received an application that looks like this image below. You want to check the box for “All 2024 Elections” and choose either Democrat or Republican to vote in the Primary. There will be only one-party ballot mail to you, so please make sure you choose ONE party ballot, sign, date it, and drop it at any US Postal box/office. There is no need for a stamp.

If you don’t have a ride to get to the poll or stuck at work on the election day, follow these simple steps will still can make your voice heard.