Mr. Kem Sokha Said Although Cambodia Can Help Itself, There Can Be No Shortage of Support from Friendly Country

U.S. Ambassador Kevin Murphy visits CNRP leader Kem Sokha

Phnom Penh, Cambodia — Cambodian National Rescue Party’s leader Kem Sokha claims that although Cambodia has been able and helped itself, in practical experience, so far poor countries have always relied on the help of rich countries in almost every field, especially in the economic and crisis fields.

This statement was made after the leader of the Cambodian opposition party met with the Ambassador of the French Republic to Cambodia on 3rd March 2021.

Cambodian National Rescue Party’s president Kem Sokha wrote on his Facebook account on Wednesday that the talks had assessed some of the current situation in Cambodia. In addition, [they] discussed some of the relations between Cambodia and France, as well as the European Union this year and the years to come.

Mr. Kem Sokha stated that as a Cambodian citizen for Cambodian, besides contributing to helping the country as much as possible, he continues to maintain good relations with the international community for Cambodia and the Cambodian people as a whole.

Opposition leader Kem Sokha added that despite restrictions on his freedom, many embassies from democratic countries have continuously met with him to discuss how to find solutions to the ongoing political crisis in Cambodia.

Recently, US Ambassador Patrick Murphy met with the opposition leader at his home to discuss issues such as education, health, economy, and trade, especially the issue of living and civil liberties of the Cambodian people.

On September 3rd 2017, Mr. Kem Sokha was arrested by Phnom Penh authorities for conspiracy with foreigners and detained in Trapeang Phlong Prison for more than a year.

On September 9th 2018, Mr. Kem Sokha was released on bail, but Mr. Sokha was not allowed to see anyone or leave his home, that is he is under house arrest.

However, on November 10th 2019, Mr. Kem Sokha was granted another level of freedom by the Phnom Penh Municipal Court by amending the conditions under judicial supervision, which allows him to travel anywhere in the country, but is prohibited from doing activities or talks related to politics and going abroad are strictly prohibited.

However, until now, Cambodian National Rescue Party’s leader Kem Sokha has remained innocent because the court has not yet ruled on his guilt or innocence. A senior Cambodian National Rescue Party official, Meach Sovannara, told The Cambodia Daily today that when Cambodia learns to help itself, such as political unity between the opposition and the ruling party, the international community will be able to fully support it.

He said that the international community is waiting for Cambodian politicians to find a way to resolve crises in order to build national unity for the nation and its peoples

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