Photo Courtesy: LKSR’s Facebook page.

Lowell, MA — Lowell’s Kinetic Sculpture Race — is an all day day-long free event and one of the “must see” events in Lowell. It is the 4th Annual that attracts thousands of spectators from the region to watch the amazing race of human-powered vehicles made from repurposed materials with the calculations from math, science, engineering, technology, and twist of art. It is fun to watch for all ages. The event is set to began at the intersection of Market and Palmer (Link to MAP: https://tinyurl.com/ydasdt59)

Photo Courtesy: LKSR’s Facebook page.

These sculptures will tackle mud, sand, water on the Merrimack River, cobblestones in downtown Lowell, and pavement over the course of the day as teams compete against one another for glory.
“The LKSR is such an important event for the City of Lowell and the Merrimack Valley.” said Tom Fitzmaurice, Executive Director of the Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, “We are able to showcase how connected our natural resources are in Lowell with teams competing on both land and water. It’s a great economic driver during the fall that brings thousands of visitors to the city. More importantly, it combines all the great things that Lowell is known for in one event; art, culture, natural beauty, and innovation, while also giving back to the local STEM community.”

  • Spectators can follow the race and watch different obstacles at various locations by following the schedule below:
    9:00am – Festivities Begin- see the sculptures, meet the racers and enjoy the sounds of the Party Band and performances by Cirque de Light (Market Street)
  • 11:00am – Opening Ceremonies, the LKSR Oath and more (Market Street)
11:30am – START the race! Sculptures head to Bone Shaker Alley (Market Street & Middle Street)
12:00pm – Jeanne D’Arc at the Credit Union Lot and teams tackle the MADDENING MUD PIT
1:30pm- Sculptures enter the Water Obstacle (DCR Lowell Heritage State Park and VFW Highway)
3:00pm – The Spectacular Finish (Market Street)
  • 5:00pm- The official LKSR After Party and Awards Ceremony with Warp and weft (Market Street)

Read Story in Khmer language in KhmerPost USA Issue #279 Pg. 7 & pg. 9

Read Story in Khmer language in KhmerPost USA Issue #279 Pg. 7 & 9