Advance Manufacturing Training Opportunity is Open for Free Enrollment at the Lowell Career Center

Class Starts on October 30
By Soben Pin

The career in modern manufacturing is much more different than it used to be in the past. “It is not the tedious work and loud noises that how it used to be but everything is computerized and is very sophisticate” says Shannon Norton, the Executive Director of the Career Center of Lowell.

Because of the modern technology, the manufacturing techniques have changed so much that the workers would need to know how to read special computer codes and numbers in order to work in the manufactures, not just working manually on the assembly lines.

With this technological changes, it has become a barrier for eligible workers to work. The Department of Labor funds the Advance Manufacturing Training which provides the opportunity for the eligible unemployed and underemployed workers with employment barriers to earn certificates in Basic Machining or Basic Electronics. The training program is 6 months. After graduation, the candidates would have opportunity to work in the fields such as Aerospace, Defense, Medical Device, Computer & Electronic, Pharmaceutical and Medicine. “They may start working as an entry level and could excel as far as an engineer” says Shannon Norton.
The salary is ranged from $16-$30 per hour with benefits.

“In fact, the career in advance manufacturing in and around Lowell is in so high demands now that companies are constantly in the shortage of workers” says Nancy Gagnon, Career Center Manager.

According to Wanted analytics over the last year in Greater Lowell area there have been over 580 employment opportunities for skilled technicians and engineers and 190 Entry level production related occupations in various manufacturing companies. These companies include Pharmaceutical, Medicine, Medical Equipment supplies, Cutlery, Hand Tools, Semiconductor, Electronic Components and Electrical Equipment manufacturing.

The manufacturing companies throughout the Greater Lowell Workforce Area employeapproximately 16,000 employees in various manufacturing related occupations. Some of these companies include: Zell Medical, MA/COM, Nova Biomedical, Four in One, Pace Industries, Thermo Fisher, Raytheon, Enterprise, Lantheus Medical, Analog Devices, Cabot Corporation and United Technologies.

To be eligible for this program the candidates must be between 18-29 years old age, have a HS Diploma, GED or HiSET; Permanent Resident legally eligible to work in US, and must test at 8th grade level in math and reading in English; or be English proficient and have related work experience.

Contact Nancy Gagnon at 978-805-4734, or nancy.Gagnon to register for upcoming class start on October 30.